What is the FMQ?

What is the FMQ ?

The Quebec motorcyclist federation (FMQ) regroups over 5,000 individuals within the different member associations from the four corners of Quebec. The objective of the FMQ is the advancement of motorcycling according to the following values: Security, Civics, and Mutual assistance as well as the a visibility of the various associations throughout the province.

 Who can join the FMQ?

By charter, the FMQ is constituted only of associations. Thus, to become a member of the FMQ, one must become a member of one of it’s 85 member associations. You may join as a participating or non-participating member. See the « Types of membership » section below.

Why join the FMQ?

In order to unite to be stronger together; to be part of an organization that represents us; to receive information about what’s going on in our world; to permit us to become better riders by benefiting from rider training at a reduced cost; to join a network which allows you to develop friendships all over the province; to share our experiences with members of other associations; and finally, and not the least, to permit us to live our passion together with other motorcyclists. The FMQ is there for all of us, each motorcyclist should be there for the FMQ.

What are the other advantages of being a member of the FMQ?

– By using it’s force in numbers, negotiating reductions at different businesses;

-The FMQ represents ALL motorcyclists in discussions with regard to the cost of licensing and registrations, and assists the Quebec automobile insurance corporation (SAAQ) in adopting policies that favour the improvement of our riding conditions..

-The FMQ publishes a French-language magazine, Le Motocycliste, which is included as a part of Moto-Journal, which you will receive as a member. You also have access to a reduced-cost rate full subscription as a member of the FMQ.

-The FMQ has developed an insurance program with The Capital. This agreement permits FMQ members to benefit from the lowest prices on the market. Assuming its leadership in the motorcycle world, the existence of this program permitted the reduction in the pricing of all motorcycle insurance in the Quebec market. Encouraging the FMQ<s insurance program, ensures the lowest prices for insurance for motorcyclists.

– The FMQ has developed, via its rider education school, Moto Pro FMQ, advanced rider training programs. The Moto Pro FMQ courses are available to all motorcyclists, but the FMQ member benefits from a $50 discount above the non member.

– An association affiliated to the FMQ benefits from liability insurance for its activities and for its administrators. this insurance, free for affiliated members, would cost hundreds of dollars if a motorcycle group not affiliated with the FMQ were to purchase the same. Thus, the FMQ ensures the peac of mind within the motorcycling world.

– There are two types of association member within the FMQ:

the regular FMQ member is one who has registered with the affiliated association and participates in its organized activities (rides, meetings, parties, and others). The cost of joining each individual associaition is decided by the association, but a portion of it goes towards membership for the individual in the FMQ. Each regular member of the association is necessarily a member of the FMQ.

The non-participatng member association known as (MNP): is a member registered with AM SOLO QUEBEC affiliated to the FMQ with the sole purpose of being a member of the FMQ. The cost of membership is fixed by the FMQ (currently $50) regardless of the association. The individual member does not have access to the association’s activities (unless invited), this to discover and possibly join the association as a full member. The « MNP » has access to all discounts and other member benefits of the FMQ, just as the regular member.

– It is possible to be a member of multiple FMQ-affiliated associations. The FMQ fee is payable only once. Therefore, should you join more than one association, the registration fee for those with which you are not affiliated to the FMQ should charge you only their own portion of the registration fee.

– Another point, multiple members of a same family, each owning their own motorcycle, residing at the same address benefit from a reduced registration rate with the FMQ.

Becoming a non participating member

Please follow the follwing instructions to register a new non participating member (« MNP »)

– The registration form must be completed.

– Check (X) « Adhésion ». It must be clearly visible on the form.

-Association: AM SOLO QUEBEC

-Association number: 0300

– For an individual, the cost is $50 (payable via PayPal)

– For multiple persons at the same address, the cost is $40 per person (payable via PayPal)

Have a good ride

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Qu’est-ce que la FMQ ?

La Fédération Motocycliste du Québec («FMQ») regroupe des milliers de motocyclistes dans plus de 75 d’associations affiliées à travers le Québec.

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